Fact sheets, booklets and information films

We have lots of fact sheets and booklets available to download and print, covering everything from general bone health, to diagnosing osteoporosis and fragility fractures, to osteoporosis drug treatments and living with spinal fractures.

We also have a number of information films, which have been developed together with people who have experience of osteoporosis and fractures, and who understand what you might be going through – as well as our very popular series of exercise films.

You can find links to all of our downloadable fact sheets and booklets, and our information films, on this page.

There's also information for health professionals about the resources you can order to share with your patients.

Introductory booklets

Bone health

Food and nutrients



Bone-strengthening drug treatments

Scans and tests

Living with osteoporosis and fractures

Pain management

Daily living

Risk factors

Osteoporosis and other conditions

Information films

About osteoporosis

Spinal fractures



Resources for support groups

If you need printed publications for your support group meetings, you can request the following resources:

  • Healthy living for strong bones
  • An introduction to osteoporosis
  • ‘We’re here to help’ leaflets (inviting people to contact us for a free information pack)
  • Specialist Nurse service business card - a handy wallet-sized card with details of our services

To order copies, email hpvolunteerbulkorders@theros.org.uk with the quantity you want (maximum 200 of each resource), as well as the full address, name and contact number to aid delivery.


Resources for healthcare professionals

Visit the Healthcare professionals section of our website for details of the resources you can order for your patients.

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