About osteoporosis

If you or someone you know has recently been diagnosed with osteoporosis, you may have lots of questions.

We have information on everything from scans, tests and results, to osteoporosis drug treatments and living with osteoporosis and broken bones.

You can also find the answers to many common questions in our information films. Click the links below to watch our films on osteoporosis and bone health.

What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a condition where the bones become weaker and break easily, even after a minor bump or fall. You might hear these breaks described as fragility fractures. The terms ‘fracture’ and ‘broken bone’ mean the same thing.

Fractures can affect almost any bone, but they are most common in the wrists, hips and spine. It’s these broken bones that can cause pain, rather than osteoporosis itself. Spinal fractures can also cause height loss and a curved spine.

Watch our film to find out more about osteoporosis.

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How is osteoporosis diagnosed?

If your doctor thinks you may have osteoporosis, they can refer you for a range of scans and tests, to help them find out if your bones have lost strength.

There’s no simple way to look inside your bones, but a combination of different tests can be used to build up a picture of your bone health, and your risk of breaking a bone.

We have lots of information about the various scans and tests on our website. Or you can watch our film to learn how osteoporosis is diagnosed.

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With thanks to the following volunteers and healthcare professionals who helped us develop these films:

  • Kay Moore, ROS volunteer
  • Bec Hanley, ROS volunteer
  • Debbie Janaway, Nurse Consultant for Osteoporosis and Falls
  • Dr Kassim Javaid, Associate Professor in Metabolic Bone Disease


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Watch our discussion on understanding your osteoporosis diagnosis: 

Specialist Nurses, Julia and Sarah, explain what it means if you've been told you have osteoporosis and what the future holds. In this session, they look at the changes happening inside bones and how a diagnosis of osteoporosis can have different meanings. They also dispel myths and misunderstandings and help you understand what your diagnosis means for you. This film is part of our #BoneMatters series of events

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