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Osteoporosis is treatable and fractures preventable. With an early diagnosis and the right treatment plan, people with osteoporosis can live very well, thanks to safe, effective medication that is highly affordable for the NHS. However, far too many people are not diagnosed until they have already broken one bone or even several, and a lack of follow-up and support after their diagnosis also means that many do not feel able to continue their treatment.

Even before the pandemic, the care gap for osteoporosis was startlingly wide, with around two-thirds of people missing out on the treatment they need. NHS backlogs have widened that care gap still further.

In view of the scale and urgency of the care gap, for the duration of our Breaking the Silence Strategy 2022-2026, the charity will be focusing our research programme on pioneering studies which have a clear and tangible path to benefiting patients by helping to drive system change that can help close the osteoporosis care gap and reduce health inequalities.

This means we will be putting a spotlight on the Technology and Effectiveness areas of our Research Roadmap. However, after this strategy, in 2026, we’ll return to the other parts of our Research Roadmap, including the important causes and genetics agenda.

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