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Develop your knowledge and skills to deliver best practice care.

Our range of face-to-face and online courses and modules are developed in partnership with bone health clinicians and experts. They are highly regarded and nationally-recognised, and offer a gold standard of training.

Our eLearning course content is FREE for you to access.

There are fees associate with some of our courses where there is an assessment and certification.

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About our eLearning platform

All of our eLearning is hosted externally on Moodle for which you will need an account, you will be directed to make an acount the first time you register for an eLearning course.

Moodle accounts which have been inactive for three or more years will be disabled. This is to keep the Moodle secure, and to ensure that it runs smoothly for active users. 

If you have not accessed our eLearning materials for some time, and would like to maintain access, please make sure that you log in periodically to keep your account active.

Help our specialist nurses continue to support those in need