Osteoporosis Conference for health professionals

2023 'Equity in bone health'

Our most recent conference took place at University of Manchester 13-14 September 2023

Attended by a multidisciplinary audience of over 500 healthcare professionals, Osteoporosis 2023 showcased the latest in research and advances in the diagnosis, treatment and management of patients.

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2023 Conference on-demand programme:


Opening Sessions:

Equity in bone health - Breaking the Silence

Speaker: Craig Jones, CEO, Royal Osteoporosis Society            


Theme Launch:

Equity in bone health

1) Healthcare inequities a population health issue

Speaker: Dr Owen Williams

2) My Voice Matters

Speaker: Rehana Ismail, Patient Advocate


Keynote plenary session:

Quality care for everybody

1) Hip fracture: equity in care
Speaker: Celia Gregson

2) Once for Scotland: Hip fracture audit
Speaker: Alison Black

3) FLS: All Wales approach
Speaker: Inder Singh


Plenary session: 

Therapeutic dilemmas: grey areas 

1) Implementing Romosozumab in clinical practice - the Scotland experience
Speaker: Stuart Ralston & Rosemary Hollick

2) Managing eGFR and bone
Speaker: Richard Keen

3) Romosozumab and cardiovascular risk
Speaker: Sarah Hardcastle

Parallel session:

Bone health essentials: Diagnosis +

1) Introduction to fracture risk assessment with FRAX 
Speaker: Zoe Paskins

2) Understanding BMD and DXA measurements
Speaker: Nicola Peel

3) Vertebral fractures - who to xray
Speaker: Emma Clark



Plenary session:

Hot topics in nutrition and bone

1) Clinical relevance of
micronutrients on

muscle and bone
Speaker: Ailsa Welch

2) International perspectives on nutrition and bone health
Speaker: Kate Ward

Parallel session

Bone health essentials: investigations 

1) Investigating secondary causes for osteoporosis
Speaker: Jennie Walsh

2) Making the best use of bone turnover markers
Speaker: Richard Eastell


Plenary session:

Management of symptomatic vertebral fractures 

1) Patient experience of living with vertebral fractures
Speaker: Lore Winmouth Wolfston, Patient Advocate

2) New consensus guidance practice points
Speaker: Terry O'Neill

3) Equity- improving access to self-management 
Speaker: Mette Friberg Hitz


Parallel session:

Abstract presentations

Chaired by Nicola Peel & Preeshila Behary


Plenary session:

Clinical Challenges in underserved communities

1)Bone health in patients with learning disabilities
Speaker: Jarod Wong

2)Bone health in transgender
Speaker: Eleni Kariki

3)Bone health in inflammatory conditions
Speaker: Elaine Dennison


Parallel session:

Bone Health essentials: management in diverse groups

1) Overview of treatment options
Speaker: Matt Grove

2) Management of younger individuals: 

- on aromatase inhibitors 

- with eating disorders
Speaker: Jennie Walsh

3)Management in the frail older adult and cognitively impaired
Speaker: Madhavi Vindlacheruvu


Plenary session:

Speaking our language- patient engagement

1) Lived experience and interactions with healthcare professionals
Speaker: Patient Advocate

2) Health literacy and shared decision making
Speaker: Jo Protheroe

3) The power of (mis)communication in osteoporosis management
Speaker: Zoe Paskins 

Parallel session 

Abstract presentations 

Chaired by Nicola Peel & Rachel Ashcroft Hands


Plenary session: 

Risky Business: fracture risk assessment today 

1) Estimating fracture risk: FRAX+
Speaker: Eugene McCloskey

2)Management of ‘imminent’ fracture risk
Speaker: Kassim Javaid

Parallel session:

Abstract presentations 

Chaired by Nicola Peel & Terry Aspray


Awards and closing ceremony 

1) Linda Edwards presentation
Speaker: Craig Jones

2) Linda Edwards Memorial Lecture

Speaker: Cyrus Cooper

3) Abstract Commendation Awards & The Cyrus Cooper Award for research, quality & innovation & abstract commendations

Speaker: Nicky Peel

4) My message to you
Speaker: Patient Advocate

4) Close
Speaker: Neil Gitteos

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