Vertebral fractures

We work with NHS colleagues to support best practice for the identification and management of vertebral fractures.

Vertebral (spinal) fractures are the most common type of fracture caused by osteoporosis, and people with these are at much higher risk of experiencing more fractures. Yet up to 70% of osteoporotic vertebral fractures go undiagnosed.

By identifying these early and introducing effective management and secondary fracture prevention strategies, we can prevent further fractures. This benefits both people living with osteoporosis and the NHS.

To promote better identification, we have published an expert consensus guidance to support the identification of vertebral fractures in clinical practice. The purpose of this guidance is to ensure that all vertebral fractures are systematically identified, reported using clear terminology to the referring clinician, and lead to appropriate management to avoid further fragility fractures.

People living with symptomatic vertebral fragility fractures tell us it is 'a nightmare that never goes away'.

To better support your patients manage their symptomatic vertebral fractures we have also published an expert consensus guidance, intended for use by healthcare professionals who engage directly or indirectly with people with osteoporosis and vertebral fragility fractures.

State of the Nation Report 2021

Our State of the Nation Report: Vertebral fracture identification in 2021 outlines the challenges involved in identifying vertebral fractures and reviews vertebral fracture identification in the UK in 2021. 

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Clinical guidance for the effective identification of vertebral fractures

Clinical guidance for the effective identification of vertebral fractures November 2017

Guidance for the management of symptomatic vertebral fragility fractures

ROS Guidance On Managing Symptoms Of Vertebral Fractures 2022


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