Dance for your bones 

We have created a dance with Tiffany from Scottish Ballet - a leading dance company.

'Dance for your bones' aims to help make your bones stronger. 

The dance includes weight-bearing moderate-impact exercise such as hops and jumps. 

In this film, you can watch the dance, learn and practice and then dance it all together. 

We teach the dance in six sections and you can choose how much or how little of the dance you want to learn. Do what feels safe and comfortable for your body, and have fun! 

We hope this is a dance you enjoy and do over and over again. 

You can dance for your bones with your family and friends, or enjoy it alone. You could even add your own music. 

Before you start dancing, watch our how to exercise safely for bones film. 

It's important to add in muscle-strengthening exercise to do the best for your bones. 

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