Caring for your back

Most people with osteoporosis are unlikely to experience a spinal fracture during exercise. Keeping your back straight and learning safe moving and lifting techniques minimises your risk of spinal fractures and may help to relieve pain. This applies equally to you whether you have a spinal fracture or not.

With our range of information on exercises to care for your back, you can learn and continue to move with confidence.

Further information

  • Exercises for back pain - Find exercises to help with pain by improving muscle tone, easing tension and reducing muscle spasm in your back
  • Exercises for posture - Learn some exercises that promote the health of your spine and help to reduce the strain on your joints, tendons and muscles. 
  • Moving and lifting safely - Learn safe techniques for day-to-day moving and lifting that can help reduce your risk of injury.
  • Bending forward - Answer your questions about bending forward with osteoporosis.
  • Pilates with osteoporosis - Pilates can help with the symptoms of spinal fractures. Learn how you can adapt your Pilates movements to protect your back.

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