Who we are

We’re the Royal Osteoporosis Society – the UK’s largest national charity dedicated to improving bone health and beating osteoporosis. And we’re here for everyone. We equip people with practical information and support to take action on their bone health.

Working with healthcare professionals and policy-makers, we’re influencing and shaping policy and practice at every level. We’re driving the research and development of new treatments, to beat osteoporosis together.

Our vision

No more broken bones. No more broken lives.

Our goals

  • To help those people at high risk prevent broken bones
  • Quicker diagnosis and better ongoing care, wherever people live
  • To support more people to live well with osteoporosis

Our values

We’re Bold
We fearlessly stand up for and give a voice to people who need us.

We’re Focused
We concentrate on where we can make the biggest difference.

We’re Collaborative
We work as one team and embrace partners to change society together.

We have Integrity
You can trust us to do what we say we will.

Our strategy

We’re committed to our public mission to raise awareness and inspire action among the public and policy-makers, demanding change for the 3.5 million people who live with osteoporosis. We want to seize the moment and beat this condition together. 

Read our strategy, Breaking the Silence 2022-2026

Read our Articles of Association

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