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Research Grants Committee

Our Research Grants Committee consists of scientific and lay members and plays a crucial role in the success of our research programme.

The role of the Committee

  • Oversee the processes involved in the research grants programme
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the allocation of research funding, in line with the charity's Research Strategy
  • Advise the charity in development of its Research Strategy, in line with the overall strategic direction
  • Comply with Research Grants Committee Code of Conduct

Committee members

The Committee aims to reflect a fair balance of experience and scientific disciplines, with views from all members given equal weighting.


  • Chair: Professor Jon Tobias
  • Professor Elaine Dennison
  • Dr Stephen Tuck
  • Dr Kate Ward
  • Dr Celia Gregson
  • Dr Geeta Hampson
  • Dr Terry Aspray
  • Dr Carolyn Greig
  • Dr Zoe Paskins


  • Dr David Brookfield
  • Elizabeth Heyer
  • Mary Bishop
  • Penny Calder