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Research Grants Assessment Panel

Our Research Grants Assessment Panel consists of scientific and lay members and plays a crucial role in the success of our research programme.

The role of the Panel

  • Oversee the processes involved in the research grants programme
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the allocation of research funding, in line with the charity's Research Strategy and priorities set by the Academy Advisory Committee (detailed in the Research Roadmap). 
  • Advise the charity in development of its Research Strategy, in line with the overall strategic direction
  • Comply with Research Grants Assessment Panel Code of Conduct and the charity's Conflicts of Interest policy.

Panel members

The panel aims to reflect a fair balance of experience and scientific disciplines, with views from all members given equal weighting.


  • Chair: Professor Jon Tobias
  • Vice chair: Dr Stephen Tuck
  • Dr Kate Ward
  • Dr Celia Gregson
  • Dr Geeta Hampson
  • Dr Terry Aspray
  • Dr Carolyn Greig
  • Dr Zoe Paskins
  • Dr Sarah Allison
  • Dr Katherine Staines
  • Dr Camille Parsons


  • Mary Bishop
  • Patricia Williams
  • Valerie Farr
  • Angela Beattie