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Government plans to distribute vitamin D

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10 Nov 2020

Royal Osteoporosis Society CEO Craig Jones said: “We welcome reports that the Government is considering supplying vitamin D supplements direct to older and vulnerable people over the next phase of the pandemic. This policy could play a major role in improving public health during a uniquely challenging winter.

“While more evidence is needed to confirm its role in boosting immunity to respiratory infections, vitamin D is already proven to play a major role in keeping muscles and bone healthy. People’s natural levels of vitamin D from exposure to sunlight will be lower right now, due to shorter daylight hours and less time spent outdoors during lockdown.

“As a result the risk of falls and broken bones may be increasing for people with the fragile bone condition osteoporosis during the course of the pandemic. That’s why we recommend everyone takes a 10 microgram (400IU) vitamin D supplement at least during the winter to improve bone health, ideally combined with a balanced healthy diet and regular physical activity, even in people’s gardens.”

Anyone who has been advised to take a higher dose of vitamin D should continue with their usual dose.