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Our latest campaign to reach more people with osteoporosis

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12 Jun 2019

We believe everyone with osteoporosis should be able to live well and manage their condition in ways that best meet their needs.

The information, support and services we provide help people live well with osteoporosis - but not everyone with the condition knows that we're here to help them. So a big part of what we do is raising awareness about the services available, like our free Helpline, local support, and expert information.

An innovative new campaign

In July and August, we're trialling a new way of reaching people with a diagnosis of osteoporosis: advertising on pharmacy bags.

We've created a branded pharmacy bag that invites people with osteoporosis to get in touch with the charity, and find out more about the information and support available to them.

Pharmacies are a perfect way to share our message, as people are likely to have their minds on the health of themselves and their families. This means they're more likely to take the time to stop and read our message.

It’s a simple, effective way to deliver our message, in the right place at the right time.

The trial takes place in South West England, with 75,000 ROS pharmacy bags distributed across 75 LloydsPharmacy locations.

Our aim for the campaign is to help thousands more people across the South West get the information and support they deserve.

Inspired to raise awareness?

We're a charity and receive no government funding, so we can only continue to make a difference with you by our side.

The simple act of starting conversations about osteoporosis and bone health, putting up a poster, or sharing our social media posts, can make a really big difference to people's lives.

Find out how you can raise awareness, or discover more ways you can help.

Have you seen us on a pharmacy bag?

With more than 30 years of expertise and experience behind us, we're committed to helping you live well with osteoporosis.

Find out how the Royal Osteoporosis Society can help you by requesting your free information pack.