Everyday life with osteoporosis

  • Avoiding slips, trips and falls - Learn how you can make practical adjustments to your everyday activities and surroundings to help you feel confident and steadier on your feet.
  • Employment and work life - It's natural to be concerned about how having osteoporosis may affect your job. But rest assured it doesn't always mean you need to stop working.
  • Bone health checklist - It's never too late to start taking action for your bones. Find out if there's anything you can change to protect your bones.
  • Financial help - Learn more about the financial support that may be available for you if the long-term effects of broken bones have left you unable to work.
  • Support at home - Find out about the types of support available to help you continue living at home safely if you're less able to care for yourself.
  • Travel insurance - Having an osteoporosis diagnosis could affect your travel insurance premiums and the options available to you. Find a provider that provides the cover you need.

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We discussed the equipment that may be useful if you're living with fractures with Rheumatology Occupational Therapist Jacqueline Sherwood and Lead Volunteer Advocate Philippa Russell. The film is part of our #BoneMatters series of events 

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