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New accreditation scheme to help people make positive choices for their bone health


12 Apr 2021

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) has officially launched a new Bone Health Accreditation Scheme today to help people to choose products and services that are good for their bone health.

A wide range of products and services, including foods, beverages, supplements and living aids, will now be able to apply to use a bespoke Bone Health Approved logo from ROS on their packaging.

Whenever consumers see the logo on a product, they can be confident that our experts have assessed the bone health claims made.

The aim is that this will help people make good choices for their bone health, for example about diet and lifestyle, ultimately improving the bone health of the nation.

The Mango and Passionfruit Vitamin D drink from the health company, Get More Vits, is the first product to have been approved by the Bone Health Accreditation Scheme.

The drink offers consumers their daily dose of vitamin D - an important vitamin for maintaining healthy bones - in a convenient and healthy format. It will now have the ‘Bone Health Approved’ logo on its packaging, meaning that our bone health experts agree that the product is good for bones – when taken together with a healthy balanced diet and active lifestyle.

Products or services will only be approved by the scheme if they can demonstrate benefits to bone health according to strict nutritional and scientific criteria set out by established EU regulations.

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