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Recall system for GPs to manage Prolia® (denosumab) injections

Treatment | Osteoporosis Management

16 Mar 2021

Pharmaceutical company Amgen has launched its new Prolia® ProActive service in primary care, to support the identification and recall of patients who have missed their 6-monthly denosumab injection.

The service, available to GP practices, is a simple and effective solution to manage multiple patients on denosumab who are due their injection at different times. The recall system can help to reduce delays in treatment, so decreasing the risk of accelerated bone loss and ‘rebound’ fractures.

The service includes:

  • A suite of searches that sit within the GP system (no additional software*) to recall patients who:
    • Have missed their last injection and pre-injection blood tests.
    • Are due next month for an injection or pre-injection blood tests.
  • Pop-up notifications when a patient’s record is opened by a healthcare professional to alert them of either a missing injections/due injections or pre-injection blood tests.
  • Optional reporting of practice outcomes, in terms of the numbers of patients identified and subsequently treated, to measure the impact of the service.

How to sign up to the service

If you’re a primary care healthcare professional and would like to arrange deployment of Prolia® ProActive (searches and pop-ups) through a secure Health and Social Care Network (HSCN) connection for your practice, contact Oberoi Consulting at, or call 01332 546956.

*Oberoi Consulting will require only IT administration access and will at no point view patient level data

Prolia® (denosumab) ProActive is commissioned and fully funded by Amgen, developed and provided by Oberoi Consulting. Safety reporting and prescribing information is available at: