Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy

Leading the way in osteoporosis research

The launch of the Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy is a breakthrough moment that changes the lives of millions.

The Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy is the first dedicated academy for osteoporosis. A collaborative venture with patients at its heart, it will work with the leading researchers, clinicians and academics in the field to advance scientific knowledge and work towards a cure for osteoporosis. 

The Academy strengthens the charity’s involvement in research and has four overarching aims:

  1. Co-ordinate complex work programmes to identify research needed to end osteoporosis
  2. Broker new partnerships and collaborations
  3. Engage, nurture and back the best and brightest minds to unlock new discoveries
  4. Influence future funding for research

The Academy consists of an Academy Advisory Committee, who with the Chair, Vice-Chair and Academy Director will oversee the outputs of the following three Academy Working Groups.


Understanding the causes and mechanisms of osteoporosis.


Exploring and developing new and innovative technologies.


Understanding the effectiveness of current and potential new diagnostic tools, treatments and interventions.

Public and Patient Involvement

So the needs of people with osteoporosis are at the heart of all the research we do, patients and their representatives form part of all our Academy Committees and Working Groups.

The patient advocate members of the Academy Working Groups champion the work of the Academy. They use their knowledge and experience to provide a unique and valuable perspective, which helps shape the development of the Academy’s research.

Executive Lead

Francesca Thompson

Francesca Thompson

As Executive Lead for the Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy, Francesca is responsible for the development of the Academy and the Cure work programme.

Francesca has worked extensively across the voluntary and public sectors, including as a Nursing Director at Board level, where she established a Quality Improvement Centre. The Centre enabled colleagues from all disciplines and professions to easily access and work with subject matter experts and find research opportunities to progress their ideas.

One particular feature of her work was promoting the importance of patient and public involvement - work that has been recognised nationally. 

She fulfils this role alongside her responsibilities as Executive Director for Clinical and Operations at the Royal Osteoporosis Society, where she oversees the delivery of all the charity’s clinical services.

Academy Advisory Committee Members

  • Chair: Professor Juliet Compston

  • Vice Chair: Professor Nick Harvey

  • Senior Medical Advisor: Professor David Reid

  • Professor Stuart Ralston (Causes Working Group Chair)

  • Dr Kenneth Poole (Technology Working Group Chair)

  • Professor Eugene McCloskey (Effectiveness Working Group Chair)

  • Professor Jon Tobias (Research Grants Committee Chair)

  • Professor Neil Gittoes

  • Professor Cyrus Cooper

  • Professor Graham Russell

  • Peter Lees

  • Mary Bishop (Patient Advocate)

  • Nic Vine (Patient Advocate)