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Taking osteoporosis drug treatments alongside COVID and flu vaccines


10 Oct 2023

As we head into autumn, the next round of vaccinations for flu and COVID starts again.

Our Helpline is often asked if it’s safe to have these vaccines alongside osteoporosis drug treatments, particularly those given by injection such as denosumab (‘Prolia’) and zoledronate.  

We’d like to reassure people that is it safe and that flu and COVID vaccines can be given while you're taking an osteoporosis drug treatment. The vaccines aren’t known to clash with these medicines in any way.  

Denosumab is an antibody-based medication, but unlike many other antibody-based drugs such as those used to treat rheumatoid arthritis, it doesn’t suppress your immune system. This means it doesn't increase your risk of complications from having vaccines such as COVID or flu. 

Should you leave a gap between vaccines and osteoporosis injections? 

People also ask our specialist nurses if they need to leave a gap between their vaccine and their denosumab injection or zoledronate infusion for osteoporosis.  

There is no reason to leave a gap, and these injections can even be given on the same day.  

However, if you tend to feel unwell after a flu or COVID jab, or after having denosumab or zoledronate, then it may help to leave a few days so you don’t experience those symptoms from both drug treatments at the same time. 

For more details on osteoporosis drug treatments, see our Information and support pages.  

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