Radio broadcaster and author Iain Dale becomes an ROS ambassador

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26 Oct 2023

The talented broadcaster, Iain Dale announced that he would be joining forces with the ROS to become a charity ambassador during his LBC Radio programme tonight.

Iain is one of Britain’s leading political commentators and bloggers, and has written and edited more than 50 books himself. During his time at LBC Radio he’s been named Radio Presenter of the Year twice.

During tonight’s programme, Iain interviewed ROS Chief Executive, Craig Jones and bone health expert Professor Kassim Javaid, and heard more about the condition as they discussed how an estimated 3.5 million people have osteoporosis in the UK.  

On becoming an ambassador, Iain said:

“There are things we can all do to improve our bone health, but only if we realise we could be at risk. I’m pleased to be able to take on the role of ambassador for the ROS and use my platform to encourage people to think about their bone health as a critical part of their overall health.

I urge everyone to use the osteoporosis risk checker. It takes less than five minutes and it could change your life.”

Since the risk checker launched a year ago, over 200,000 people have used the tool to check their risk, helping an estimated over 19,000 patients to receive an early diagnosis.

Craig Jones, Chief Executive at the ROS, said:  

“We’re delighted to welcome Iain as an ambassador. With support from ambassadors like Iain, who generously give up their time to help us fight this condition, we can reach even more people and make a lasting and life-changing difference to people’s lives.”

To check your osteoporosis risk, please visit

Find out more about ROS ambassadors on our ambassador page.

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