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Hope and Connection: the ROS publishes its annual objectives and targets

Head office

18 Feb 2021

The Royal Osteoporosis Society (ROS) has today published its agenda for 2021, with ten organisation objectives and a set of clear performance targets. The annual plan is built on the theme of Hope and Connection.

Chief Executive Craig Jones said: “Hope and Connection will define the ROS’s work in 2021. We know that’s what people need right now.

"This year, we feel proud to publish in full our objectives and targets.  Our members, the wider public, our donors and supporters all have an interest in the targets we set ourselves as a team. For transparency – and for extra accountability to everyone who relies on the ROS being successful – we wanted to put our targets on the public record. And we’ll report back at the end of the year on how we’ve performed.”

The ROS team welcomes comments and questions on the plan. Please send any feedback to