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What does a typical day look like for our nurses staying at home?

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02 Apr 2020

Everyone around the country is applauding all our incredible healthcare professionals as they work tirelessly to help in the battle against coronavirus. The public appreciation is so strong that an NHS Heroes campaign was launched last week so people can show their appreciation to these front-line workers.

We at the Royal Osteoporosis Society are proud to be doing our bit as our specialist nurses continue to keep the Helpline operational to support anyone who is worried about their osteoporosis condition.

But what is it actually like to be involved in providing such a vital service in these challenging times? We asked one of our nurses, Kirsty Carne, to give us her perspective.

Specialist nurse Kirsty Carne working at home
Specialist nurse Kirsty Carne working from home

“I have been on the Helpline at the ROS for 19 years and I’ve obviously never experienced anything that has changed our work patterns quite like this.

"I have two children at home at the moment (aged eight and 11) and so I have to fit my work hours around a new job – teaching – which I never thought I would have to do! Luckily, they are of an age where they can do their worksheets on their own for a time, so I am able to work (almost) as normal.

"We start our days with a 15-minute catch-up with all the nurses via Microsoft Teams (the technology that has been deployed throughout the charity). We use this time to chat about issues that cropped up the previous day. This is a bit different from being in the office where we would support each other throughout the day rather than just once a day.

"We then take calls on the phones, use the time to reply to emails, respond to queries on live chat, work on content for new fact sheets or catch up on reading the journals that come our way.

"The majority of calls coming through are coronavirus-related – people are worried about their treatments or whether they should go to their hospital appointments or not. There has also been a definite shift in the interaction we have with callers, with everyone being calm and caring and wishing us all well. We’re all working hard to make sure we are up to date with the ever-changing information we’re getting from the Government so we can make sure the information and support we offer is current.

"Once my shift has finished, I go out to the park with my children for some exercise or we do crafts and play games. Staying mentally, physically and nutritionally healthy is vital for everyone at the moment.

"I do miss the daily interaction with colleagues as we have a wonderful team but we are staying connected as much as possible.

"This new way of working certainly wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the technology the charity has in place – the only drawback is that I’m eating far too many biscuits during the day!

"If you have any questions about managing your osteoporosis and bone health, please call us on 0808 800 0035 or email"

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