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Our advice following reports of HRT shortages


27 Aug 2019

You may have read in the news about shortages of hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

If you’re taking HRT for osteoporosis, you shouldn’t need to worry.

“These shortages aren’t affecting all types of HRT and alternative products are available,” says Rachel Ashcroft-Hands, one of our osteoporosis specialist nurses.

“If you’re having difficulties getting your prescription, talk to your GP or pharmacist who should be able to give you guidance on suitable alternatives.

“And if you have a question about your osteoporosis treatment, you can talk to me or one of our other specialist nurses free on 0808 800 0035.”

HRT is commonly used as a treatment for symptoms of the menopause and is sometimes prescribed for osteoporosis to help strengthen bones and reduce the risk of breaking a bone. It is available in many forms, including tablets, skin patches and gels.

Some commonly prescribed forms of HRT are currently out of stock in some pharmacies, and the Department for Health and Social Care said it is aware of “ongoing supply issues” due to “manufacturing delays”.

While it’s not known how long the shortages may continue, manufacturers are reassuring people that it is a temporary issue they are working to resolve.