Norfolk and Suffolk Volunteer Team

Norfolk and Suffolk Volunteer Team is a group of volunteers who offer people affected with osteoporosis the chance to meet other people in the area similarly affected, get information, support and ask questions about osteoporosis treatment and care.

Programme 2022

Thursday 27 January

Osteoporosis and Diet
Professor Susan Lanham-New, Public Health Nutritionist

Thursday 31 March

Menopause and Bone Health
Dr Hannah Short, General Practitioner and Specialist in Menopause & Premenstrual Disorders

Thursday 26 May

A talk about DXA scanning
Joanne Horrocks, Radiographer at West Suffolk Hospital

Thursday 21 July

Fashion Flair and Fractures
Suzanne Hewitt

Thursday 29 September

An update about research and legacies
Dr Caroline Sangan and Liz Parry from the ROS

Thursday 24 November

Medical Update
Speaker TBC


Venue: All meetings take place online

Time: 7.30pm

Admission: No cost 

For further information regarding the support group, please contact:

Norfolk and Suffolk Volunteers

Norfolk and Suffolk Volunteers  telephone number01761 473112 / 01761 473113