Manchester Central Support Group

The Manchester Central Support Group is a team of volunteers who offer people affected with osteoporosis the chance to meet other people in the area similarly affected, get information, support and ask questions about osteoporosis treatment and care.

Programme 2022

Thursday 3 February
Royal Osteoporosis Society Helpline Nurse followed by Q & A

Thursday 3 March
Strong, Steady and Straight: an update on exercise and activity for bone health
Will Gregory, Consultant Physiotherapist (Rheumatology), Salford Royal Hospital

Thursday 7 April 
Chat Session: Alternative Therapies - share your experiences

Thursday 5 May 
Bone Markers and Blood Tests
Professor Terence O’Neill

Thursday 2 June 
Nutrition, Food for Bones
Tanya Grenade, MSc Human Nutrition

Thursday 7 July 
Chat Session

Thursday 4 August (at 2pm)
The optimum strength and balance exercises in falls prevention
Mike Stamp, Senior Physiotherapist, Falls and Fracture Liaison Service, Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust

Thursday 1 September 
Chat Session

Thursday 6 October 
Annual Clinical Osteoporosis Update
Caroline Jagger (Osteoporosis Specialist Nurse, MRI)

Thursday 3 November
Chat Session

Thursday 1 December
IMPROFRAC Research Program
Speaker to be confirmed

Venue: All meetings are held online 

Time: 8.15pm unless stated

Admission: Free / donation 

For further information, please contact:

Manchester Central Volunteers

Manchester Central Volunteers telephone number01761 473112 or 01761 473113