Exeter Support Group

The Exeter support group is a team of volunteers who offer people affected with osteoporosis the chance to meet other people in the area similarly affected, get information, support and ask questions about osteoporosis treatment and care.

Programme 2022

Wednesday 12 January (Online) 

Wellness through the lens of osteoporosis
Claire Ryan, Chiropractor

Wednesday 16 February (Online)

Non-pharmacology approaches to pain, including pain management and pain recall 
Dr Rohini Terry, Exeter university

Wednesday 6 April

Aids and equipment to help people with osteoporosis
Lizzie Stojalowski, NHS Occupational Therapist, Independent Living Centre

Wednesday 15 June

Alexander Technique and osteoporosis
Jennifer Denny , Local Alexander Technique Practitioner

Wednesday 13 July

Tea afternoon for all members

Wednesday 14 September (Online)

Update from the ROS about the charity and the research programme
Craig Jones, CEO and Dr Caroline Sangan, Research Manager

Wednesday 16 November

Medical Update
Dr Mary Brown, Consultant Rheumatologist


Venue: Online, or if guidelines permit, at St Leonards Church Hall, Topsham Road, Exeter EX2 4NG.

Time: 2 - 4pm unless otherwise stated

Admission: £2.50

For further information, please contact:

Exeter Volunteers

Exeter Volunteers telephone number01761 473112 or 01761 473113