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Calcium-rich food chooser

Calcium gives your bones the strength and hardness they need to cope with your everyday activities.

Your body contains about one kilogram of calcium - 99% of this is in your bones. You should be able to get enough calcium through healthy eating alone.

Use the tables below to find foods rich in calcium. Be sure to choose a wide variety of foods, to help your bones get all the other nutrients they need.

To see whether you're getting enough calcium from what you eat and drink, you can use this online calculator, from the University of Edinburgh.

Foods providing around 50mg of calcium per average portion
Plain yoghurt 1 tablespoon (40g)
Fortified fromage frais 1 'mini' pot (47g)
Muesli swiss style 1 serving (50g)
White bread 1 medium slice (36g)
Wholemeal bread 1 thick slice (44g)
Green or french beans 1 serving (90g)
Green cabbage 1 serving (95g)
Raw, white cabbage 1 serving (90g)
Steamed broccoli 1 large portion (110g)
Watercress 1 small bag (40g)
Fried onion 1 medium sized (150g)
Tinned tomatoes 1 tin (400g)
Red kidney beans 2 tbsp (70g)
Vegetable casserole 1 serving (260g)
Veggie burger 1 (56g)
Vegetable samosa 1 (75g)
Boiled dry pasta 1 portion (230g cooked weight)
Boiled basmati rice 2 portions (1 portion = 5 heaped tbsp)
Dairy or non-dairy ice cream 1 scoop (60g)
Dried apricots 8 (64g)
Orange 1 large orange (50g)
Easy peel citrus e.g. tangerines/satsumas 3 medium easy peelers (210g)
Almonds 10 whole nuts (22g)
Brazil nuts 9 whole nuts (30g)
Foods providing around 100mg of calcium per average portion
Cottage cheese 2 tbsp (80g)
Camembert 1 portion (1/6 round, 40g)
White pitta bread 1 small (75g)
Plain naan bread 1/3 (43g)
Baked beans 1 small tin (200g)
Cornish pasty 1 medium size (155g)
Sausages (pork or vegetarian) 2 (40g)
Tahini (sesame paste) 1 heaped tsp (19g)
Sesame seeds 1 tbsp (12g)
Tinned pink salmon 1 small tin (105g)
Grilled herring 1 (119g)
Ready made custard 1 serving (120g)
Dried figs 2 (40g)
Foods providing around 200mg of calcium per average portion
Milk or milk drink e.g. hot chocolate (skimmed/semi-skimmed/whole) 1 tumbler or mug (200ml)
Calcium fortified soya milk 1 tumbler or mug (200ml)
Cheddar cheese & low fat hard cheese Small matchbox size (30g)
Yoghurt (low fat fruit, plain & calcium boosted soya) 1 pot (125g)
Porridge (made with semi-skimmed milk) 1 bowl (160g - weight with milk)
Halloumi 1/2 serving (35g)
Cauliflower cheese 1 serving (200g)
12" pizza  (cheese & tomato, vegetarian or meat topping) 1/4 of a pizza
Steamed or fried tofu 1 serving (120g)
Canned sardines 1 serving for a sandwich (50g)
Rice pudding 1 serving (200g)
Foods providing around 300mg of calcium per average portion
Edam or gouda 1 portion (40g)
Paneer cheese 1 serving (60g)
Parmesan cheese 1 serving (30g)
Cheese omelette 1 serving (120g)
Quiche cheese and egg 1 serving (140g)
Macaroni cheese 1 serving (220g)

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