Sunday 20 October is World Osteoporosis Day

Osteoporosis damages more than just bones. So let's work together to see #TheBackOfOsteoporosis.

Broken bones caused by osteoporosis are stopping people doing the things they love

Few people in the UK really understand what osteoporosis is. Even fewer understand the impact it has on real lives. But, together, we can change that.

We can work together to raise awareness among our society, and reduce the number of people whose days are destroyed by this debilitating condition.

Let's see #TheBackOfOsteoporosis.


Spread the word about our BBC Radio 4 Appeal

Christine is sharing her story of living with broken bones in her back, and why more research is vital, on the BBC Radio 4 Appeal. 

So please listen, share, and support Christine's hope for the future.

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Share how your life has been impacted by osteoporosis and broken bones

Drawing attention to the enormous number of people whose lives are being affected by osteoporosis will make people stop and take notice. 

Every new person that takes notice is someone to help fund research towards prevention, better treatments, improved services and, one day, a cure for osteoporosis.

We can't do it with one story. So, this World Osteoporosis Day, stand up and speak out.

Share your story to help us see #TheBackOfOsteoporosis

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