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Why partner with us

  • Brand alignment with the UK's only national charity specialising in osteoporosis and working to promote good bone health

  • Access to healthcare professionals, across the UK, through our clinical guidance, training programmes, and specialised events

  • Access to owned and acquired audiences spanning several age categories

  • Alignment to a topical inter-generational cause, with strong media and PR coverage

  • Expertise in developing corporate partnerships and tailored sponsorship opportunities

Together, we can increase awareness of good bone health and work towards a future without osteoporosis.

Our audience

There are three million people in the UK who suffer with osteoporosis, and millions more are at risk of the disease.

We know one in two women, and one in five men, living in the UK, will be impacted by poor bone health in their lifetime.

Partnership opportunities

Increase your customer loyalty, brand awareness and direct sales through effective and targeted marketing to new audiences.

Demonstrate your organisation's commitment and social responsibility by aligning your organisation's values and helping others with osteoporosis.

Help inspire audiences and deliver new engagement through effective and relevant content creation and dissemination.

Sponsor one of our major national or regional events, and be part of our targeted media coverage across our marketing channels.

We have a wide portfolio of sponsorship opportunities available, from healthcare events, couture fashion shows, parliamentary receptions, regional fundraising events and many more.

Motivate and engage your employees and teams, and raise awareness of your community support programmes.

  • Pro-bono work
  • Mentoring
  • Hosting a fundraising day
  • Assisting with reviewing funding applications
  • Writing to thank our supporters

There are many ways corporate volunteers can make a real difference.

There are lots of ways your business can support our quest of cure. And we can put together a bespoke programme that works for you.

Success stories


Find out how Osteocare and the Royal Osteoporosis Society joined forces to alert London Underground commuters about a risk to their bones during the winter months. The timely campaign reached over two million people a day.