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Will you help heal fractured lives? 

Every day, we connect people like Lore and Nic to the resources and help they need to help manage their mental wellbeing. Your support now could help us continue to provide free vital services in three key areas:

  • Support groups: we coordinate a network of volunteer-led groups across the country, bringing together people who are going through similar experiences. For many people, sharing their experience of living with osteoporosis, and connecting with others, can significantly improve their mental health.
  • Specialist nurse Helpline: the nurses who run our Helpline are a much-needed listening ear, offering practical information when people are at their most vulnerable. This supports people emotionally and can help them feel less alone. 93% of people who talk to our nurses tell us they feel more confident about managing osteoporosis and its impact.
  • Vital information: on our website we provide factsheets, booklets, and videos on how to live well with osteoporosis. 98% of people watching our spinal fracture films felt better able to manage the impact of the disease on their life.

Donate today to help us heal fractured lives

The impact of osteoporosis can be more than physical. Millions of people struggle every day with the impact of this disease on their mental health. Your gift today could help:

  • provide someone with life-changing information on living well with osteoporosis
  • coordinate local support groups that provide much-needed friendship and advice
  • enable a specialist Helpline nurse to offer practical and emotional support to people in crisis


"Night is always when your worst fears come."

When 59-year old Lore was diagnosed with osteoporosis and fractures (broken bones), she worried about the physical toll it might have on her body. But what she wasn't prepared for was the serious impact it would have on her mental health.

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