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There are 3.5 million people living with osteoporosis in the UK and someone breaks a bone every minute because of it.

Considered, wrongly, as an inevitable part of getting older, we don’t hear the same conversations about osteoporosis as we do with other chronic conditions. It is known as a 'silent disease', but for people living with the condition it can be life-changing.

Our campaigning work is aiming to change that – breaking the silence on osteoporosis and the importance of bone health to achieve a future without osteoporosis.

Campaign for 100% FLS - Sign our petition

We have launched a national campaign calling for 100% Fracture Liaison Service (FLS) coverage in England, so that everyone can have access to the care they need.

This is following the APPG inquiry into the provision of FLS last year, which revealed that only half of Trusts in England provide an FLS (51%), compared to 100% coverage in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

We need 10,000 people to sign it so that the Government must respond. Help us make a difference and sign our petition today.

By signing the petition, you can make a difference to people across England who don’t have access to the care they need because of where they live.

All-Party Parliamentary Group

We have launched the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Osteoporosis and Bone Health, and provide the Secretariat for the group.

All-Party Parliamentary Groups (APPGs) are cross-party groups of parliamentarians, from both the House of Commons and the House of Lords, that meet to discuss a particular issue of concern. These groups involve other interested parties and offer the opportunity to raise awareness of a topic and drive forward work in the area.

Meetings have taken place throughout 2021 and an Inquiry into the postcode lottery for Fracture Liaison Services has been undertaken. Find out more about the group and read the Inquiry report.

Join our Inquiry into primary care for people with osteoporosis

As its second act, the APPG has launched an inquiry into primary care for people with osteoporosis. A call for written evidence was announced on 24 February 2021. Expert witnesses, people with osteoporosis and other stakeholders are encouraged to submit written evidence to the inquiry. 

If you have your own lived experience of osteoporosis, or you wish to submit evidence on behalf of someone with the condition, you can take our short APPG Primary Care Survey.

If you’d like to submit evidence to the Inquiry, you can do this electronically by emailing appg@theros.org.uk or in writing to: Primary Care Inquiry, Royal Osteoporosis Society, Camerton, Bath, BA2 0PJ. 

The deadline for the receipt of written evidence is 5pm 24 April 2022.  

Find out more about the inquiry and how you can submit evidence here.

Life with Osteoporosis Report: the untold story

We asked people living with osteoporosis across the UK to tell us what life is like for them, and how osteoporosis affects their everyday life. Over 3,000 people responded, sharing their stories.

Our Life with Osteoporosis 2021 report shows the severe impact the disease can have on people’s lives, their work and relationships. Read Life with Osteoporosis 2021

We’ll be using the report to influence Government and policy makers to do better for people with osteoporosis. Find out more and get involved.

Policy manifesto

Osteoporosis affects 3.5m people in the UK, but it’s known as the "silent disease", because of under-diagnosis, under-treatment and low public awareness. Now is the time to break the personal, societal and financial impact, and take action to put an end to the dire consequences of fractures.

Read our policy manifesto:

Breaking the Silence - A Manifesto for a Future without Osteoporosis

Get involved

3.5 million people across the UK are living with osteoporosis – that’s an average of 5,385 per Parliamentary constituency. Yet despite this, osteoporosis was mentioned only 31 times in Parliament between 2015-2020, primarily due to a lack of awareness about the disease.

Parliamentarians, whether in the UK Parliament, Welsh Senedd, Scottish Parliament or Northern Ireland Assembly all have a significant influence over health policy and priorities. But in order for osteoporosis to move higher up the list of priorities, we need your help to raise awareness.

Find out more about lobbying your MP or other elected official.

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