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30 Sep 2020

Researchers are designing a tool for clinicians and patients to support decision-making around osteoporosis management. And they're looking for healthcare professionals working in FLS to help by completing an online survey.

The iFraP study

In addition to our Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy, we support research by acting as advisors and patient representatives on research studies, and provide research grants to increase our knowledge in osteoporosis and best practice care.

The Improving uptake of Fracture Prevention Treatments (iFraP) study is one of the research studies we support through a grant.

The iFraP researchers at Keele University are working hard to design a support tool for clinicians and patients, to help them make decisions about osteoporosis drugs. The tool aims to improve patient understanding of the benefits and purpose of the medicine, helping to improve adherance.

In order for this tool to be useful, it's important that researchers know how it could work in practice. So, they're asking UK FLS healthcare professionals to help them shape the tool by completing an online survey about how and when their service interacts with patients, and the extent of face-to-face or remote contact. The survey also asks about how this may change during/post-COVID-19.

You can help us to improve communication in consultations about osteoporosis and fracture prevention by taking the survey today.

Take the survey

For more information, please contact Laurna Bullock.