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Fracture Liaison Services

Our specialist Service Delivery Team support the development and improvement of FLS across the UK.

Fracture liaison services (FLS) systematically identify people aged 50 and older who have had a ‘fragility fracture’, with the aim of reducing their risk of further fractures. Following comprehensive assessment, FLS start osteoporosis treatment and refer people to other services to improve their bone health and reduce their risk of falling.

Our work includes:

  • bespoke and expert support from inception to launch of an FLS, including development of the business case, service specification, and resource and capacity planning
  • facilitation of engagement with stakeholders, including commissioners, service planners, and NHS management to generate commitment to FLS and ensure that services are sustained
  • assistance with induction and training of the fracture liaison nurse/practitioner
    support for quality improvement to enable the development of an FLS to meet the UK FLS Clinical Standards, including periodic gap analysis and networking with peers
  • advice regarding relevant protocols and care pathways for the service
  • advice regarding data collection and methods of analysis, reporting, evaluation and inputting to the FLS-DB
  • guidance on providing good support and education for patients

- and is underpinned by a range of freely available evidence-based online resources.

These services and resources are provided free of charge.

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*National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (2012). NICE Clinical Guideline 146. Osteoporosis: Assessing the Risk of Fragility Fracture. (accessed September 2014).