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e-Learning osteoporosis module

The Royal Osteoporosis Society has worked with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) to create an e-learning module all about the diagnosis and management of patients with osteoporosis. The module:

  • uses a case based approach to discussing the diagnosis and management of osteoporosis and prevention of fragility fractures, incorporating the guidance from NICE, SIGN and NOGG
  • highlights ‘at risk’ groups and discusses the FRAX and QFracture risk assessment tools, offering the opportunity to use these for the cases discussed
  • tests your knowledge of management options and offers guidance on when to refer to secondary care
  • discusses how often to monitor patients with osteoporosis and osteopenia and provides suggestions for resources that clinicians can use with their patients.

The module is CPD accredited by the RCGP.

General enquiries:

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Gain CPD points and test your knowledge of osteoporosis management including:

  • identifying high risk patients

  • when to initiate treatment

  • how often to monitor patients