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"Resources that would have made all the difference to our diagnosis”

Osteoporosis Management | ROS

11 Feb 2021

Bec and Kay share how they felt after being diagnosed and their thoughts on why our new video resources are so important for people with osteoporosis and their family and friends.

We are two women who have been recently diagnosed with osteoporosis and we know how helpless you feel when you’re first diagnosed. That’s why we’re so excited about the launch of the Royal Osteoporosis Society’s (ROS) new video resources and hope that you are too.

We both received a diagnosis from our GPs and were so shocked that we found information very hard to take in. From talking with others with osteoporosis since then, we know that this experience is common, and that many of us didn’t know where to turn for information and support. This is the case even more now, when the NHS is so stretched, and patients are reluctant to contact healthcare professionals for advice.

ROS volunteer Bec, who has osteoporosis

ROS volunteer Bec, who has osteoporosis

“We wish we’d been able to access resources like this when we were diagnosed. It would have helped us to feel more confident and supported.”

It is timely then, that a series of video resources has been produced by the ROS to answer common questions about osteoporosis and bone health. Developed in response to patients’ questions and concerns, and supported by clinicians with a wealth of expertise and experience in bone health, these are an invaluable resource for those who have been diagnosed with osteoporosis and beyond.

Using a mixture of film, graphics and animation, the videos explain things in clearly understood and digestible segments – covering what osteoporosis is, diagnosis, DXA scanning, treatments, diet, exercise and more. They were made to help people to feel better informed and more empowered to manage their condition.

We really wish we’d been able to access resources like this when we were first diagnosed. It would have helped us to think more clearly about our condition, and to feel supported and more confident about how to manage it.

These videos will help patients to make good decisions about their future bone health. We very much hope that you will recommend them to your patients who are being diagnosed and living with osteoporosis.

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