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Priority areas for research outlined in Research Roadmap

Research | ROS

15 Feb 2021

Our Research Roadmap was launched in December 2020 and mapped a course towards a cure for osteoporosis and better bone health, setting out our priority areas for research. Now, the full Research Roadmap is live, meaning that you can find out more about our priority areas for research and what happens next.

A key piece of work developed by our Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy, our Research Roadmap defines the strategically targeted research required to fill knowledge gaps and reach a cure for osteoporosis.

The roadmap outlines in more detail how a future without osteoporosis can be reached through:

  • understanding the condition’s causes, including genetics, links between the gut microbiome and bone health, and rare disorders,
  • developing new technologies and enhancing therapeutic interventions to optimise bone health across the whole of life,
  • and ensuring that every person at high risk of breaking a bone is identified, assessed and treated appropriately.

This important work has been led by leading academics and clinicians in the field, and supported by valued patient representatives. These advocates bring their unique knowledge and experience to shape the development of the Academy’s research and represent the views of people living with osteoporosis.

Later this year, we’ll be making funds available to researchers through our grants scheme. Look out for more information about our 2021 research grants this spring.

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