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Have your say: Effective Secondary Prevention of Fragility Fractures: Clinical Standards for Fracture Liaison Services

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25 Mar 2019

The Royal Osteoporosis Society has updated guidance on best practice for Fracture Liaison Services (FLSs). 

Many fragility fractures could be prevented by timely interventions to reduce fracture risk. An FLS is the most effective way to achieve this; the service systematically identifies adults aged 50 and older who have broken a bone with a view to minimising their chances of fracturing again.

The guidance brings together the latest evidence for effective FLS practice. By adopting these standards, evidence-based best practice can be implemented and replicated effectively across the UK to reduce the future burden of fractures, improving outcomes for patients and ensuring efficient and appropriate use of NHS resources.

Thank you

The consultation on this document has now closed. Thank you to those who submitted comments on the draft guidance.

You can find the finalised document and other publications developed by the charity by visiting our clinical publications and resources page.