Fracture Liaison Service Academy & Network Community

European clinical network

The FAN community includes over 250 healthcare professionals across Europe who work with people with, or at risk of, osteoporosis and fragility fractures. The network includes professors, consultants, doctors, nurses, GPs, radiographers, radiologists, physiotherapists, pharmacists and specialist therapists.

The FAN platform is free to join and new members are welcome.

FAN was established with the aims of:

  • Empowering and mobilising the secondary prevention community to improve the quality of post-fracture care across Europe
  • Supporting those setting up a new FLS or those looking to improve an existing service
  • Providing resources, events, mentorship and a community of like-minded practitioners to share best practice and help improve patient outcomes and local secondary fracture prevention policies
  • Developing a range of written resources, including an e-workbook, which provides advice on the four phases of effective FLS implementation, from patient identification through to risk assessment, treatment and monitoring

Registering for the FAN platform is easy and all resources, events and webinars are free, so it has never been easier to collaborate with fellow FLS practitioners, share best practice and discover a wealth of downloadable resources, as we all work towards improving the quality of post-fracture care.

To register to the FAN platform contact or visit:

The FAN virtual platform has been produced, organised and funded by UCB.

Job code: GB-DA-2400122 | Date of preparation: April 2024

FAN is endorsed by the IOF and FFN


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