Why I volunteer: Suzanne Hewitt

06 Jun 2019

It’s Volunteers' Week this week - a chance to say thank you for the fantastic contribution made by volunteers all across the UK.

To celebrate, we’re sharing stories from some of our wonderful volunteers, who do so much to raise awareness and funds.

Without their dedication, many people wouldn't be able to access the information and support they need to live well with osteoporosis.

Suzanne's story

Suzanne Hewitt first began volunteering with the charity in 1989, following her diagnosis with the rare condition of pregnancy-associated osteoporosis.

She’s done all sorts of different things over the last 30 years, including running support groups, speaking at hundreds of awareness-raising talks, holding fundraising events across the country and representing people affected by osteoporosis in our Members and Volunteers Committee.

More recently, Suzanne has been using her interest in fashion to help people affected by a change in body shape due to spinal fractures.

“On my visits around the country, I found that women would always ask how l managed to disguise my osteoporosis with the clothes l wore,” says Suzanne.

“I perceived a real need to help women (and the occasional man!) to feel more confident and happy with the way they looked after spinal fractures – and about themselves in general.

“Now, I travel around the country visiting support groups, sharing practical advice about dressing for a changing body shape due to osteoporosis.

“This has been one of the most rewarding things l have ever done for the charity. People are so grateful for my tips and positive outlook and hopefully it has helped them to live well with their condition.

“I hope I’ll be involved for another 30 years!”


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