Osteoporosis support group leaves a lasting legacy

29 Aug 2019

Our former Borders support group has raised more than £2,000 for local healthcare services.

The group raised an incredible £2,100 over several years of creative fundraising events - including a Zumbathon, a half marathon, curry nights, and raffles - but sadly closed late last year due to a shortage of volunteers.

After providing information and support to people in the Scottish Borders affected by the condition for more than 15 years, the group is now donating its remaining funds to Borders General Hospital for staff training - leaving a lasting legacy for people affected by osteoporosis in the local area.

Borders support group present cheque
(From left) Kim Dawson, Lesley Wilson, Susan Greenhalgh, Annette Holton, Sheila Hardie and Joanne Aitchison with the bone density scanner at Borders General Hospital

The funds are being used to sponsor local radiographer Joanne Aitchison to complete courses in diagnosis and management of osteoporosis, and bone density scanning reporting, at the University of Derby.

“Borders General Hospital currently has just one radiographer trained to this level and the department couldn’t afford the training within its current budget,” said Susan Greenhalgh, Support Coordinator for the ROS in Scotland. 

“This donation is therefore making a huge difference to the local community, increasing skills and knowledge within the bone density scanning team at the hospital and improving the care of people with osteoporosis in the Scottish Borders.

“We’d like to thank the group for all its hard work over the years and its members should feel proud that they have left a wonderful legacy.”

About our support groups

We have a network of more than 60 osteoporosis support groups and teams across the UK, which run informal meetings, talks and social events for people affected by osteoporosis.

The groups offer a vital means of peer support for people living with the condition, and rely solely on the generosity of volunteers to continue their work.

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