Guardian article on osteoporosis

13 Mar 2017

The Guardian has published an article by Dr Ann Robinson which follows up the recent piece on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme and website about long-term alendronate use and bone strength.

The article, which includes contributions from National Osteoporosis Society clinical advisors Professor David Reid and Professor Juliet Compston, looks again at the recent research and does much to add clarity to the issue.

Quoted in the article, Professor David Reid, of the University of Aberdeen says he is worried that adverse publicity (caused by the original report) will mean that people stop taking bisphosphonates. He says Abel’s study is well designed and uses clever technology, but is too small to draw any meaningful conclusions.

“Micro-fractures, or atypical fractures, are nothing new,” he says. “And for every atypical fracture that may be due to bisphosphonates, you prevent 130 fractures. If people overreact to this preliminary study by stopping treatment, it will cause many avoidable fractures. This is a huge scare story that has had a big impact and is bad for patient care.”

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