International Osteoporosis Foundation calls for rights to diagnosis, patient care, patient voice and support

14 Jun 2017

The International Osteoporosis Foundation (IOF) is calling on people living with osteoporosis - and their family members - to sign up to their Global Patient Charter.

The Global Patient Charter can be signed up to online, and calls for the rights to diagnosis, patient care, patient voice and support. The IOF are aiming for 2017 signatures; when this story went to press they were over a third of the way to that goal, with the total sitting at 864.

In addition to signing up to the charter, the IOF are encouraging the general public, health professions and policymakers to take individual steps to help drive improvements in the diagnosis of osteoporosis and, ultimately, to achieve a world without fragility fractures. More details on these can be found on the IOF website.

The IOF has provided a factsheet and 'inforgraphic' in support of their ask and mission. If you are living with the condition, a family member, or a health professional caring for those affected, please sign up and show your support.

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