A Message to My Younger Self campaign focuses on importance of exercise

14 Jun 2017

Part two of the National Osteoporosis Society’s A Message to My Younger Self campaign launched on Friday, focussing on the importance of weight-bearing exercise to build and maintain strong and healthy bones, especially from an early age.

A new series of webpages has been published, providing tips and advice about exercise for bone health, for the older generations to pass on to their younger relatives and friends. Topics covered include the best kinds of exercise for building bones; ways to be more active in day-to-day life; and frequently asked questions about exercise and bones. In a bid to get the nation’s families more active and aware, the campaign is also asking people to submit their family’s favourite walks online for others to browse, try for themselves, and use as an occasion to discuss exercise and bone health.

As part of the exercise segment of the A Message to My Younger Self campaign, the charity officially launched its 206 Challenge on Sunday, with the help of celebrities Professor Alice Roberts and Diana Moran.

Part two follows on from part one of the campaign, which launched in April and focussed on nutrition for bones. Part three will launch in autumn and turn its attention to those living with osteoporosis. On World Osteoporosis Day 2017 - October 20th – messages and advice that they would to pass on to their younger selves about building strong bones will be shared online.

About ‘A Message to My Younger Self’ campaign

We need your help to start the conversation about bone health. Focussing on the two key themes of nutrition and exercise, the A Message to My Younger Self campaign is asking the older generations to pass on vital advice to the younger members of their family and close friends, about the importance of building strong and healthy bones when they’re young.

We’ve created some new webpages to help you start this vital conversation. We invite your families to discover tips for good bone health, delicious and nutritious recipes, ideas for how you can be more active, and new walks to try together - and to share your own for other families to discover.

Explore the A Message to My Younger Self webpages.

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