206 Challenge launch: Three generations walk for bone health

12 Jun 2017

Celebrities Professor Alice Roberts and Diana Moran, together with National Osteoporosis Society staff and their families, walked 2.06 kilometres around the National Trust’s Tyntesfield estate to celebrate the official launch of the 206 Challenge - part of the A Message to My Younger Self campaign.

The 63-strong group, made up of multiple generations, followed a route through open pastures, sloping woodlands, and ornate gardens, before a photo opportunity in front of Tyntesfield House.

The walk was thoroughly enjoyed by all and provided an excellent opportunity for staff and their families to start the conversation about the importance of looking after our bones from an early age, and the essential role that exercise plays in building strong and healthy bones for life.

The afternoon was rounded off with a tea and cake reception, and an inspirational speech from Professor Alice Roberts, who spoke about the importance of looking after our bones through every stage of our lives, reminding everyone that their skeletons are alive and ever-changing.

About ‘A Message to My Younger Self’ campaign

We need your help to start the conversation about bone health. Focussing on the two key themes of nutrition and exercise, the A Message to My Younger Self campaign is asking the older generations to pass on vital advice to the younger members of their family and close friends, about the importance of building strong and healthy bones when they’re young.

We’ve created some new webpages to help you start this vital conversation. We invite your families to discover tips for good bone health, delicious and nutritious recipes, ideas for how you can be more active, and new walks to try together - and to share your own for other families to discover.

Explore the A Message to My Younger Self web pages.

Get involved in the 206 Challenge

Do you think you, your family and friends could walk 206 miles this year? Not only will you be supporting the charity and its vital work, but you’ll be doing some good for your bones too!

How you walk the 206 miles is up to you. Perhaps you’ll stop using the bus to get to work, take on a few mammoth walking challenges, or simply plan to enjoy a family walk together every weekend? Walk the full distance as a group, or divide it up between you – it’s entirely up to you.

Find out more about the 206 Challenge, and get started!

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