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04 Jan 2017

If you are interested in helping shape NHS services for people with osteoporosis, and other musculoskeletal services, please join in with a webinar on 27th January 2017.

Looking widely across the current range of services and provision of support for people with MSK, the NHS would like to discuss your views on;

  • how do you access services and how can this access be improved?
  • how can you be assisted to stay in work/return to work after being away from work due to your condition?
  • how can practitioners (non-specialist health, employability professionals, work coaches) help you with work and health issues?
  • how services can provide you with the help and care you need and link with employment support to deliver a more joined-up service for you.

This webinar is part of a public consultation which runs until 17th February 2017 and the NHS would welcome your input.  An online survey hosted on Citizen Space also provides a simple and easily accessible way to respond to all consultation questions. 

It can be found at

Improving Lives – the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper can be found at

To register for the webinar please click on the link. Once you have registered you will be sent a calendar invite containing details on how to join.

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