NICE guidance on osteoporosis looks to drive improvements in care

28 Apr 2017

Adults who have had a fragility fracture, take steroids or have a history of falls should have an assessment of their risk of fractures as part of everyday best practice, new guidance from health watchdog NICE says.

The new NICE Quality Standard is designed to set out high-priority areas for improvements in services targeted at people affected by osteoporosis as well as to improve their quality of life, reduce fracture rates and admissions to hospitals associated with fractures.

The standard also offers updated guidance on a number of issues covering osteoporosis drug treatments, including guidance that adults at high risk of fragility fracture are offered drug treatment to reduce fracture risk.

The guidance goes on to say that adults taking osteoporosis treatments are asked by health professionals about any adverse side effects and that those who have been taking bisphosphonates for a long period of time are offered a review of the need to continue taking their treatments.

Fizz Thomson, Clinical Director at the National Osteoporosis Society welcomed the new guidance.

“This new guidance will play an important role in helping to improve the health-related quality of life for people with osteoporosis and reduce the growing burden of fractures  on the NHS. It will also help those affected by osteoporosis to understand what the NHS should be doing to help them.

The National Osteoporosis Society is actively working with those at the front line of providing osteoporosis care to ensure they receive the information and support they need to implement this guidance.”


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