Charity reaction to new home testing kit for osteoporosis

10 Oct 2016

There are a number of stories in the media today about the availability of an osteoporosis home screening test called Osentia.

Reacting to the availability of the new test, the National Osteoporosis Society's Clinical and Operations Director Fizz Thompson said: "The charity welcomes innovation in the field of osteoporosis and any product that can help to raise awareness of the impact that fractures can have on people’s lives is a useful addition to current practice.

"However, we believe there is not enough evidence at this time to show that this new technology is as accurate as visiting your GP, having a discussion about risk factors and being referred for a DXA scan if appropriate.

"As innovative as it is, it is too early to tell whether this new product can accurately identify people’s risk of breaking a bone as there are only small published clinical studies with fairly limited samples of people.

"We await further clinical trials and will watch with interest as more in-depth results are published."

You can find out more about your bone health and discover what factors increase your risk of fragile bones and fractures with our online quiz, Stop At One.

You can also contact our Helpline on 0808 800 0035 or

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