Our Impact

Together, we can make an impact

We work tirelessly to help and support those affected by osteoporosis, to improve their quality of life and reduce the suffering of broken bones that are caused by the condition.

The commitment of our Patrons enables us to be at the very heart of addressing the wide ranging personal and social issues created by osteoporosis. As well as caring for and supporting people living with the condition, we are promoting good bone health to prevent osteoporosis, funding pioneering research to help those affected and working towards a cure.

Together, we can make an impact

how we are improving lives

  • We reach people with our crucial services in every area of the UK – through many formats including an army of volunteers who organise events locally - so people can meet others facing the same problems and learn to manage their condition
  • We work in partnership with the NHS to set up and improve services (Fracture Liaison Services) which can reduce the number of fractures caused by osteoporosis – we have helped or are helping to develop these services in 147 healthcare settings in the UK so far
  • We educate Health Professionals and ensure they are kept up to date about osteoporosis – through events, accredited training courses and at our scientific conference - so they can better support and treat those living with osteoporosis
  • We fund pioneering research to ensure future generations are freed from the burden of osteoporosis – we’ve invested more than £5.2m in more than 130 projects all of which lead to vast improvements in diagnosis and treatment
  • We drive awareness of the condition through successful and engaging campaigns, generating press coverage in the national media and making sure our messages about bone health reach wide audiences as often as possible
  • We ensure the voices of people living with osteoporosis are heard by those in positions of influence in politics and health service policy

How your money can help

  • £10,000

    would allow us to train and certify healthcare professionals to perform scans that aid the diagnosis of people with osteoporosis.

  • £50,000

    would pay for the National Osteoporosis Society's Young Scientist award, investing in the future of new osteoporosis research projects.

  • £1,000

    would help to keep free calls to our renowned Helpline free for a whole year, providing access to an expert osteoporosis specialist nurse when you need them most.