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Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy Contributors

The Osteoporosis and Bone Research Academy consists of an Advisory Committee which, with the Chair, Vice-Chair and Academy Director, oversees the outputs of three Working Groups.

We thank all of the contributors who enable and support the work of the Academy.

Advisory Committee

Prof Juliet Compston, Chair
Prof Cyrus Cooper
Prof Neil Gittoes
Prof Nick Harvey, Vice Chair
Mr Peter Lees
Prof Eugene McCloskey
Dr Nicky Peel
Dr Kenneth Poole
Prof Stuart Ralston
Prof David Reid
Prof Graham Russell
Prof Jon Tobias
Prof Bo Abrahamsen
Prof Richard Eastell

Causes Working Group

Dr Owen Cronin
Dr Celia Gregson
Dr Nuria Gunabens
Dr Fadil Hannan
Dr Rosemary Hollick
Dr Richard Keen
Prof Susan Lanham-New
Prof Stuart Ralston, Chair
Prof Tim Spector
Prof Jon Tobias, Vice Chair
Prof Emma Duncan

Effectiveness Working Group

Dr David Armstrong
Dr Elizabeth Curtis
Dr John Edwards
Dr Stephen Gallacher
Prof Thomas Hill
Dr Kassim Javaid
Prof Eugene McCloskey, Chair
Prof Terry O’Neill
Dr Zoe Paskins, Vice Chair
Prof Michael Stone
Dr Jennifer Walsh

Technology Working Group

Dr Richard Abel
Dr Pinaki Bhattacharya
Dr Paul Bromiley
Dr Emma Clark, Vice Chair
Dr Nicola Crabtree
Dr Jennifer Gregory
Prof Nick Harvey
Dr Eleni Kariki
Dr Kenneth Poole, Chair
Dr Kate Ward

Patient Advocates

Ms Mary Bishop
Mr Nic Vine
Mrs Joy Capel
Ms Janice McKinley
Ms Corinne Turnbull
Miss Lois Ainger
Mrs Karen Whitehead MBE