Take the bone health pledge

Can you pledge to find someone under the age of 30, and tell them about bone health?

Yes, I pledge

We’ve heard about looking after our hearts. But what about our bones?

Our vision is a future without osteoporosis. But before that can happen, the nation needs to know more about their bones, and how they can look after them.

This is particularly important for people under 30, who can still take action to build their 'bone bank'.

So we're asking you to take the pledge.

Pledging is easy, and it costs nothing more than your time. All you need to do is:

  1. Click the 'Yes, I pledge' button, to make your pledge count
  2. Decide who under the age of 30 you are going to tell
  3. Start the conversation

It could be a family member, friend or carer. You may decide to tell someone in the street, a delivery person, or someone at the bus stop. Whoever you choose, you'll be making a difference. 

This is your opportunity to pass on your wisdom.

How many 100s of pledges can we make? And how many 1000s of people under the age of 30 can we help, together?