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We're determined to search for a cure for this disabling condition. With your help, we will find one.

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We're the only UK organisation dedicated to ending osteoporosis.

Thanks to the support of people like you, we've already been able to fund initial research into the different reasons why people develop osteoporosis, and why some people are at higher risk than others.

Past research projects have also shown us how a well-balanced diet and the right weight-bearing exercise and activity can help to improve people's bone health. 

But there's so much more we need to know.

More research is the answer

With your support, today, we can do more work to help us understand the causes of osteoporosis. 

We will find the most effective ways to conduct osteoporosis research, including the use of new technologies

And by connecting the best research scientists from around the world, we will discover new treatments that safely and quickly change the lives of people living with osteoporosis.

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We find it deeply upsetting to hear about the pain that people like Christine are going through.

Christine was forced to give up a job she loved after slipping on an icy path and suffering several spinal fractures. She said it felt like 'the end of the world'.

She was only in her 50s at the time, so Christine is frustrated when people think osteoporosis is an 'old lady's disease'.

Christine was looking forward to a retirement enjoying long-distance walking holidays. But now she finds it hard to breathe just walking in her local park.

Losing six inches in height means she's in constant pain. And she lives with the permanent fear of fracturing.

No one should have to experience the pain, fear and isolation caused by broken bones. But we can't stop it without you.

Christine is one of many

  • More than three million people in the UK are estimated to have osteoporosis
  • Every minute, someone suffers a broken bone due to osteoporosis
  • Women who've had a spinal fracture are four times more likely to have another, and twice as likely to break their hip
  • 58% of the people we spoke to who have experienced spinal fractures are in long-term pain

With your help, we can see #TheBackOfOsteoporosis, so millions of people can live fuller, happier lives.

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I appreciate that everyone with osteoporosis is likely to be searching for answers, just like Christine.

We have some of the world's brightest minds working on behalf of everyone with the condition and your donation today can help to get their pioneering projects off the ground.

I can't thank you enough for your support.

Francesca Thompson
Clinical and Operations Director